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A revolution in underwriting manuals


RiskApps is a fresh approach to the delivery of underwriting guidelines for the life and health Insurance underwriting and claims professions.

What is RiskApps

What is RiskApps?

We have taken all the pieces of a traditional set of guidelines, and a few more, and created a true ‘mix and match’ solution, enabling you to choose as many components – or apps – as you wish.

Why Choose RiskApps

Why choose us?

There couldn’t be a better route to an underwriting manual. It’s quick, cost-effective, it’s flexible, it’s up-to-date, can be paid monthly or quarterly, it’s technology is proven, and can be branded as your own.

How RiskApps Works

How it works

RiskApps has a new platform that uses the latest technology, offering much more versatility and opportunities to integrate the manual with other tools such as an underwriting engine and its associated workbench.


The RiskApps team is a partnership of leaders in their respective fields of underwriting guidelines production and delivery.



RiskApps annual report 2022

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RiskApps, our independent underwriting manual has continued to develop through 2021 and we have made a number of updates to both the content and functionality: Early in the year we released a number of updates to key medical topics such as multiple sclerosis and cannabis More recently we also updated…

Announcing… exciting new features for RiskApps on-line underwriting manual

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RiskApps is an online underwriting manual providing underwriters with rating guidelines for life, critical illness and disability covers. The only independent manual world-wide and produced by SelectX in partnership with software experts MML Solutions, it has rivalled the manuals historically produced by the major reinsurers in terms of scope, quality of…

RiskApps annual report 2020

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Our 2019 ‘annual report’ for RiskApps contained almost passing reference to “a new coronavirus originating in China.” Since then, COVID-19 has changed the lives of almost everyone. One of the most notable additions to the medical content of RiskApps, then, was a new topic called Coronavirus. And after the original…