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RiskApps is

a modular underwriting manual

We have taken all the pieces of a traditional set of guidelines, and a few more, and created a true ‘mix and match’ solution, enabling you to choose as many components – or apps – as you wish. Apps come complete with content provided. And the content is updated, ensuring that it remains current. There are rating guidelines for life, critical illness, disability income, long-term care and a range of additional benefits including total and permanent disability.

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There couldn’t be a better route to an underwriting manual

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It’s quick. You can have RiskApps up and running in a few weeks – not months or even years
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It’s incredibly cost-effective – far , far cheaper than building your own and enabling deployment of precious resources elsewhere
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Because it’s provided by SaaS you pay monthly or quarterly – so with no huge lump-sum outlays budgeting is easier
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It can be branded as your own
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It’s flexible – you choose the scope you need. And if you need a more tailored solution, we can do that
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It comes from an expert team and there’s a strong evidence base
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Content is reviewed regularly so that it remains up to date
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Its features are as good as – if not better than – any other manual
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It uses proven technology


Medical guidelines represent the heart of any underwriting manual, and RiskApps is no exception. Covering hundreds of medical conditions and related risk factors, its scope is all you would expect.
The medical section best illustrates the RiskApps philosophy for presentation of information – informative but concise and easy to use. Each medical topic is divided into:

  • Description
  • Causes
  • Symptoms & diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Assessing the risk
  • Ratings
  • Each is displayed in its own tab for easy reference.
Occupational Risk

Occupation guidelines

An applicant’s occupation is still a significant risk factor – especially for disability insurances.

RiskApps provides guidelines covering occupational risk in respect of a whole range of benefits. The guidelines are based on the duties carried out by the individual applicant (as opposed to the usual job title approach) ensuring the assessment truly matches the risk.

Financial guidelines

Financial underwriting is always a thorny subject. Cases with large sums assured/face amounts vary enormously in purpose and background, and each requires very individual assessment.

And yet the fundamental principles of financial underwriting apply to all cases, large and small.

RiskApps describes the principles of financial underwriting and contains guidelines for risk assessment.

It also features a range of questionnaires covering essential background information.

We can also include a ‘financial wizard’ that can be programmed to carry out a basic financial underwriting check according to your internal guidelines.


Sport guidelines

Guidelines for all the obviously risky sports and pastimes – and also for the less obvious ones that are significant from a disability viewpoint.

From abseiling to zorbing, RiskApps has it – with all the familiar ones like aviation sports, diving and mountaineering in between.

Travel guidelines

If the world seems a more dangerous place it’s because news coverage of events around the globe is so extensive and so readily available.

While we all have a better idea of what is happening where, what are the real risks for mortality and morbidity?

RiskApps has background information and risk factors for over 200 countries plus rating guidelines as appropriate.

And we can set up links to and direct feeds from websites appropriate to your market, giving your underwriters access to up-to-date information.



RiskApps has calculators for:

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Lipids (total and HDL cholesterol plus triglyceride)
  • Liver function.

There is also a cardiovascular risk calculator that combines BMI, blood pressure and lipids with smoking and glucose metabolism, and takes account of the interactions between these risk factors.

The BMI calculator in particular can be made available as a stand-alone tool for use by agents, brokers and other financial advisers.


FAct is our ‘first action’ app aimed at agents, brokers and other intermediaries – and even for consumers as well.

FAct is designed to tell a non-expert audience about medical conditions and other risk factors and explain their implications for life, critical illness and disability insurance.

It gives basic background information expressed in simple terms and then, via a short series of questions, gives an indication of the impact, if any, the risk factor has on acceptability for cover.


We use the latest technology

We have developed a brand-new platform that uses the latest technology, offering much more versatility and opportunities to integrate the manual with other tools such as an underwriting engine and its associated workbench. The manual will be able to make topic content and ratings available to other systems as well as enabling the various rating calculators to be employed by other applications.

The introduction of this completely new platform demonstrates our ongoing commitment to continuous product development and improvement.

RiskApps is provided on a SaaS basis, so we look after all matters IT; all your users need is access to the Internet.

We host it, you use it; it’s as simple as that.